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de | Thema: Die Frage der Landwirtschaft
en | Theme: The agricultural question
fr | Thème: La question agricole
nl | Thema: Het landbouwvraagstuk

It must be said: the Communist Left has produced, for as far as known, very little on agriculture. If you are interested, you might want to start here: Green Revolution  about what happened since the 1960s.

It is a fundamental question; organisations which have nothing to say about it are not worth existing, including those of the Communist Left.

Yet, there are a few leads, and more might be dug out of the archives presented here.

Ontwikkelingslijnen in de landbouw / G.I.C., 1930

nl | Ontwikkelingslijnen in de landbouw [De ontwikkeling van het boerenbedrijf] . – [Amsterdam], Bussum : Persmateriaal Internationale Communisten, 1930. – 47 p.

Source: a.a.a.p.

de | Entwicklungslinien in der Landwirtschaft, 2021

In the German language Pressedient of the g.i.k. reactions to the pamphlet and more contributions on agriculture can be found

Late Marx and the Russian Road / Teodor Shanin, 1983

 Late Marx and the Russian Road / Teodor Shanin. – New York : Monthly Review Press, 1983. – 286 p.

On the correspondence of Karl Marx and Vera Zasulich on the agricultural question in Russia

Source: Unknown (cover missing)

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