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Herman Gorter

Bron: Literatuurmuseum 

Notes and letters by Herman Gorter

de | nl | Gorters brieven aan Lenin / Garmt Stuiveling. – In: Willens en wetens. Twaalf essays / Garmt Stuiveling. – Amsterdam : Querido, 1967. – 271 p. – p. 114-138

de |  Lehren der März-Aktion. Nachschrift zu dem “Offenen Brief an Lenin von Hermann Gorter” / [Herman Gorter]
In: Proletarier, Monatschrift für Kommunismus, Jahrgang 1, 1920-1921, Heft 5, April-Mai

fr | French translation in: L’Ouvrier Communiste , monthly journal of the Communist Workers Groups, Paris, No. 9/10, May 1930

en | The Lessons of the “March Action”. Gorter’s Last Letter to Lenin. 1921 
Translated from French

de |  Never previously published letter of Herman Gorter to Lenin, 26 September 1921

Source: original in the archives of the Comintern at Moscou, this typed copy from the Bundesarchiv Berlin-Lichterfelde, formerly Institut für Marxismus-Leninismus at Berlin, copy collection Ph.B.

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Compiled by Vico, 19 March 2017, latest additions 19 June 2017

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