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Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk

Rik Roland Holst and Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk in ’s-Graveland (ca. 1900), source: Wikipedia 

Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk

Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk before 1918, source: i.i.s.g. 

Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk (1869-1952)

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Wikipedia in fifteen languages:

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Marxists’ Internet Archive:

Although she is well known, her works were, other than those of Herman Gorter and Anton Pannekoek, very little translated, thus something remains to be done.

nl | Henriette Roland Holst - van der Schalk 

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nl | dbnl Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk 
Valuable source with a lot of poetry and very little politics; a lot of secondary literature (mostly on poetry, and a lot of secondary sources, the people who reacted to her person and writings).

nl | bwsa Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk 
Documented biography.

Henriette Roland Holst 1869-1952 : Liefde is heel het leven niet / Elsbeth Etty. – Amsterdam : Uitgeverij Balans, 1996. – 743 p.
While formally a very ‘academic’ biography by Elsbeth Etty  (an ex-Stalinist converted to liberalism for carreer reasons), it is a very psycho-analytical very extensive biography of the private life of Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk, mostly based on gossip (“In the end, I knew her better than she knew herself”); with astonishing little on her political, historical and poetic writings and other activities; in the sensational tabloid style of Henk van der Meijden  (Did she sleep with Trotski at Zimmerwald? No, but she did sit on the side of his bed! She had no children, so she saw the proletariat as her child!).

A bibliography is in the making (mostly based on the existing bibliography of the Letterkundig Museum in The Hague, with additions), including all her political texts in all available languages; a lot of documents will be scanned and referenced. Please help us to find more in more languages; we will assist you if we can.

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